What makes Coffee Depot different?

We’ve been a Cheyenne staple for a over a year now. Established in late 2015, we continue to bring excellent locally roasted, authentic western atmosphere to Cheyenne.


Locally Roasted Coffee

We utilize Cheyenne Coffee Company for our roasted beans. They are a wonderful, local roastery here in Wyoming where they roast beans from all over the world. After roasting, they send us their fresh results and we sell that directly to you! Getting our beans directly from a local roastery is part of what sets us apart.

Western Atmosphere

Our western atmosphere is a staple to our brand and the Cheyenne experience.  We’re located in downtown Cheyenne, in the historic Asher building. We support local business and local members of our community.

Coffee Depot

500 W 15th St #200, Cheyenne, WY 82001, USA

Coffee Depot

Coffee Depot is an authentic western cafe that offers high quality, locally roasted coffee and espresso. You'll find no better taste of western atmosphere. 

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(618) 616-6313


Mon-Sat 6AM-5PM

Sun 9AM-12PM